Stylists, Hair & Make-up Artists

International Stylists

Our stylists, hair and make up artists come from all over the world. Depending on the client, we will provide the best-suited artist for your needs. No need to pay for extra flights or accommodation for your own. We have all you need here.

Natural looks are not always easy to recreate and enhance, and with Tarifa’s famous light, our make up artists have honed their skills in creating the perfect outcome for film and camera shoots.

Specialists for all Occasions

If you are looking for a more dramatic or theatrical effect, we have other specialist make up and hairstylists who are fully experienced and highly professional.

Send us your style notes, and we will provide you with the perfect models, stylist, hair and make up artist.



  • Working with Tarifa models ensured Sweaty Betty had access to a variety of models and locations across Tarifa and ensured a smooth and successful shoot.

    Sweaty Betty

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  • Ultimately a successful shoot is all in the details, which were meticulously organised by Adrienne Gabriel!

    Aspara Designs

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